Senin, Juli 07, 2008

Mary Poppins Nursery

In my previous blog, I already mention that I (was so sorry) have a live-in maid. Lots of unexpected and annoying things happened. We were so nice to her, but it turned out she behaved anything but good. Our lives continue.. Although it's so hard to keep up with demand of clean and organized house.

Baby Latifah is good in the nursery.. As a matter of fact, she likes it. I can see her now is happier and calmer than before. We know what has happened; she was too bored to be only around the house. The crying is much reduced, although she still likes to yelled to get everybody's attention.. just like other babies..:)

Living in Westbay area of Doha provide you many facilities, such as International Schools, Nurseries, Hypermarkets, Malls, Club.. etc. And thank God I found a very affordable nursery for Latifah. Mary Poppins Nursery.

The rate of English speaking nurseries in Qatar is varied from QR 1200 - QR 2000 (or more). In my area there are more than 5 nurseries, but the only nursery that can accept babies less than 8 months is only Mary Poppins. So at that time I had no choice but to put her there. Having no choice it doesn't mean that Mary Poppins is bad.. on the contrary this place is so live.

We came there several times to make sure that the nursery is fine. Well it's clean.. They wash the bed sheets and curtains once a week, and mop the floor in the afternoon. The teachers and nannies are so nice; most of them came from Phillipine. Works for us, we love pinoy :). They separate babies and children based on age, so that nothing unwanted will happen. Even when I saw a water dispenser downstairs I was so freaked out that the children might pour themselves in hot water (well, it did happen to my friend's baby, God forbid). But when my husband checked, we can't use the hot water tap, only the cold one. They seemed to do it on purpose.

They have lots of "students", came from many nasionalities.. I guess that Latifah is the only Indonesian there. I met Malaysian also there, and we agreed that Mary Poppins is one of nursery that suits our needs.

I saw happy faces in the afternoon when the parents come to fetch their children, good sign. If you have baby sitter or housemaid, sometimes your children will prefer to be with them even when you get home already, that's what most of my friends telling me.

The only thing I don't like about Mary Poppins is the "headmaster". Nothing's wrong with her actually, but she kinda freak me out. Although the children seem to love her. If you watch the English Nanny on her black cab car on TV (I'm not sure about the title), you will see what I mean. She's just like her.

Before, I was planning to move Latifah to another nursery, which has webcam facility. But when we came there, it was so quiet, and like a stranded place, and only have 4 nannies. Latifah wouldn't like it there.

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maiDerin mengatakan...

Hi, This is Maide, from Turkey! I am living in doha, Madinat Khalifa. Today I visited Marry popkins and I love it! It is the 7th nursery I have visited, and best one, surprisingly affordable! I like it anyway! Not only affordable but also so home-like! Babies are happy there! I will put my son there in september, when he is 8th months old. I hope I meet you there one day! following your blog and inviting you to mine! good luck sister!

Shanti Fahlevi mengatakan...

Hi Maide.. sorry I missed your comment. We went to Istanbul last Eid holiday btw, and we really love it! It so beautiful..Latifah even likes Ayran:)

She's no longer at Mary Poppins since I'm not working.. just staying at home with me..

Perhaps we can meet sometimes:)